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A Guide to Crab Meat


Crab meat is meat that comes from a crab. Many cuisines around the world use crab meat. It is a very delicate, soft and has a sweet taste. There are different types of crabs. For instance, there is a brown crab, red swimming crabs, blue swimming clubs and blue crabs and many more. The above mentioned are the most commercialized species available for crab meat. Crab declawing is the processes used in many fisheries to harvest crab meat from The declawing process involves manually pulling off a live crab's one or both claws then returning it to the water.  The reason for declawing is that some crabs usually shed limbs and regenerate them like a year later.


Crab meat comes in different grades. For example, there is a jumbo lump. The jumbo lump contains two big muscles linked to the crab's swimming fins. It is valued for its cheerful white color and its remarkable size as well as the exquisite taste. This kind of grade mostly works well in dishes that require the size of the lumps to shine. There is another grade called lump. Lump is a combination of jumbo lump's broken pieces and crab meat from the special grade. most cuisines use this blend of special grade in preparing crab cakes, salads, dips, and casseroles. Lump produces a beautiful display when stuffing chicken, fish seafood or vegetables. Special grade is also another crab meat grade. The special grade is known as the most multipurpose crab meat grade. It can be used for a broadest variety of recipes. This special crab meat contains smaller pieces of white meat obtained from the body of the crab. This grade is perfect for salads, cakes, wraps, quesadillas, crab balls and soups. Another grade of crab meat that exists is the claw grade. This kind of grade is swimming crab fins picked from a crab. The claw meat is usually brown and contains a very powerful flavor. The intense flavor characteristic makes claw meat to perform well in foods that include heavy sauces as well as soups and dips because the crab flavor still retains. Read more about crabs at


Crab meat at also has some foodservice grades. These grades include colossal, culinary jumbo, super lump and claw fingers.  The claw fingers is a brown meat obtained from the crab claw's first section having some shell parts removed. They are ideal for heavy sauces because of their flavor. The culinary jumbo forms the advanced crab meat. It is obtained through shaping 100% meat from wildly caught crabs wholly into jumbo lumps having no artificial binders.